Swan Song


Quick FAQs:

Where are your photos taken?
Most of my photos are shot on Vancouver Island, British Columbia; some are from outer islands, and a few are from the mainland.

What are your favourite subjects?
Anything spontaneous. I rarely do posed shots, except by special request. I prefer outdoor, natural settings, the shots that make me say, "oh!" Occasionally, if I am "ready for the unexpected" a scene can take my breath away.

Do you do specific photo shoots?
Rarely. You are always welcome to ask, but it is not my main area of interest.

What camera and equipment do you use?
The camera I use right now is a digital Canon Rebel XSi. I am quite happy with it. I do have several tripods, and I plan to buy a telephoto lens as soon as I can afford it. I edit with Photoshop on a 2 GB Intel MacBook and print out on 1 of 2 Epson photo printers, an R280 and an RX680 all-in-one (I prefer the R280 for photo prints).

What does Silver Salt mean?
Silver Salt: To make photographic film, silver nitrate is treated with halide salts of potassium or sodium to form insoluble silver halide in situ in photographic gelatin, which is then applied to strips of triacetate or polyester. "Silver Salt" is a precursor to other silver compounds used in photography.

How long have you been a camera bug?
I have been taking photos under the name "Silver Salt Studio" since early 2008. I began shooting seriously (a little less than casually) for about a year before that. Earlier than that, I did not own a camera.

What do your photos cost?
Photo prints vary in cost, depending on framed or unframed, requests for special subjects, and requests for one-off printing. I usually do limited runs of each print, but exclusive runs for a one-of-a-kind shot can be arranged.

Thank you for visiting my website; enjoy the photos!